MEA Matters Arising

During the course of the public hearing sessions matters may arise during discussion where the Commissioners may ask a participant to provide further information and/or documentation.  These ‘Matters arising’ will be collated and published on a weekly basis to the Commission’s website.

Only those asked to do so should send the requested information and/or documentation to Any evidence, information or commentary over and above that specified for each matter arising will not be passed to the Commissioners and will not be published on the website.

Matters arising schedule

Week 1 - Monday 6th June - Thursday 9th June 2022 - MEAM001 - MEAM013

Week 2 - Monday 13th June - Wednesday 15th June 2022 - MEAM014 - MEAM020

Week 3 - Tuesday 2nd August - Thursday 4th August 2022 - MEAM021 - MEAM032

Week 3 - Monday 8th August - Thursday 11th August 2022 - MEAM033 - MEAM043

Matters arising documents

MEAM001 Amended Regulation 14 of Planning (local Development Plan) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015/62
MEAM002 Local Development Plan 2030 - Plan Timetable (2022 Revision)
MEAM003 Compton Parish Council v Guilford Borough Council [2019] EWHC 3242 (Admin) Para 184 Compton Parish Council v Guilford Borough Council [2019] EWHC 3242 (Admin)

DfI Chief Planner Update (No. 4 (November 2019)

MEAM005 NI Water update (10 May 2022)
MEAM006 The Industrial and Economic Land Monitor (2022) (September 2021 based)
MEAM007 Translation of UUEPC report, Table 5 floorspace figures from square metres to hectares  
MEAM008 Council's proposed changes to Policy ECD1, pg 125, paragraph 7.1.10
MEAM009 Council's proposed changes to Policy ECD4, page 130, paragraph 7.1.25
MEAM010 Council's proposed changes to Policy RET1
MEAM011 Council's proposed changes to Policy RET2
MEAM012 Council's proposed changes to Policy RET3

Proposed changes to Policy TOU5 Hotels, Guest Houses and Tourist Hotels in the Countryside

MEAM014 Council's proposed changes to Policy MIN1
MEAM015 Council's proposed changes to Policy MIN2 and Glossary
MEAM016 Council's proposed changes to Policy MIN6
MEAM017 Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Assessment (GLVA) Third Edition (paragraphs 2.1-2.8)
MEAM018 Council's proposed changes to CS5 Policy J&A 5.9.36

Maps provided by Turley relating to constraints to commercial windfarm development (accompanying note)

Map 1 Existing Policy Constraints                                         

Map 2 Existing Policy Constraints - Impact

Map 3 Existing Policy  & Proposed LDP Constraints         

Map 4 Existing Policy  & Proposed LDP Constraints - Impact          


Turbine pressure maps with designations and CS2 and CS3 designations provided by the MEA Council

Map 1 Turbine Pressure - All designations                         

Map 2 Turbine Pressure - CS2 and CS3 designations.

MEAM021 Figures for the 2012-based, 2014-based, 2016-based and 2018-based population projections for Mid and East Antrim from the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency and comparison with the 2020 mid-year population estimates
MEAM022 Strategic Housing Market Analysis Belfast Metropolitan Area Report provided by MEA Council
MEAM023 Council's proposed further text to HOU1 Para 8.1.14
MEAM024 PPS22 Emerging Findings Report (November 2014)
MEAM025 NIHE Housing Investment Plan 2021 Update
MEAM026 Council's proposed additional wording for HOU5 in regards to viability
MEAM027 NIHE Commissioning Prospectus 2022-24
MEAM028 Department for Communities Housing Supply Strategy 2022 – 2037
MEAM029 Application for Judicial Review re: a Decision by the Department of the Environment (Planning Service) 7th March 2011
MEAM030 Council's proposed amended wording of Policy HOU8
MEAM031 Council's proposed schedule of typographical corrections
MEAM032 Council's proposed amended wording to Policy TR7 and Justification and Amplification
MEAM033 Council's amended wording for paragraph 9.2.3 (Section 9.2 Flood Risk and Drainage)
MEAM034 Council's amended wording for J&A Policy FRD6, para 9.2.49.
MEAM035 Council's amended wording of Policy FRD6
MEAM036 Council's update to paragraph 9.3.1 and removal of footnote 42 on page 236 of the dPS.

Judgment for the Matter of an Application by ABO Wind (NI) [2022] NIQB 3.

MEAM038 Council's amended wording to RE1 criterion L.
MEAM039 Council to provide amended wording to paragraph 5 of RE1.
MEAM040 Council's amended wording for para 10.1.57 of J&A , page 280 of the dPS
MEAM041 The Council striked proposed modification PM-154
MEAM042 Council’s amended wording to PM-155

Council's updated wording for Policy AD1