FO Matters Arising

During the course of the public hearing sessions matters may arise during discussion where the Commissioner may ask a participant to provide further information and/or documentation.  These ‘Matters arising’ will be collated and published on a weekly basis to the Commission’s website.

Only those asked to do so should send the requested information and/or documentation to Any evidence, information or commentary over and above that specified for each matter arising will not be passed to the Commissioners and will not be published on the website.


Matters arising schedule

Week 1 - Tuesday 18th - Thursday 20th January 2022 - MA001.A - MA001.H

Week 2 - Tuesday 25th - Thursday 27th January 2022 - MA002 - MA003.A

Week 3 - Tuesday 8th - Thursday 10th February 2022 - MA004.A  - MA007

Week 4 - Tuesday 1st - Wednesday 2nd March 2022 - MA008 - MA011

Week 5 - Tuesday 8th - Wednesday 9th March 2022 - MA012 - MA013

Week 6 - Tuesday 22nd - Wednesdsay 23rd March 2022 - MA014


Matters arising documents

MA001.AList of Legal Authorities
MA001.BR. (Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland Ltd) v The Welsh Ministers [2015] EWHC 776 (Admin) (paragraphs 88(iv), (v), (vi) and (viii).
MA001.CAshdown Forest Economic Development v Wealdon District Council [2015] EWCA Civ 681 (paragraph 42)
MA001.DAshdown Forest Economic Development v Wealdon District Council [2014] EWHC 406 (Admin) (paragraph 90)
MA001.ER. (RLT Built Environment Ltd) v Cornwall Council [2016] EWHC 2817(Admin) (paragraph 46)
MA001.FHeard v Broadland District Council [2012] EWHC 344 (Admin) (paragraph 12, 66 and 67)
MA001.GSave Historic Newmarket Ltd v Forest Heath DC [2011] EWHC 606 (Admin) (paragraph 16)
MA001.HR. (Friends of the Earth Ltd) v Heathrow Airport Ltd [2020] UKSC 52 (paragraphs 66 and 41 - 47)
MA002Department for Infrastructure Holding Direction                                                                               
MA003.AExplanation of Affordable Housing Figure                                                                                                                                          

Affordable Housing Action Point 1

MA004.AAction Point 2, amendment to proposed changes 7 and 8                                                                                                            
MA004.BHousing Growth Indicators - 2016 based 1
MA005   Fermanagh and Omagh Local Transport Study (March 2021)                                                                                           
MA006Accessibility Analyses Guidance Document (June 2021)                                                                                                     
MA007Suggested Rewording of SP03                                                                                                                                     
MA008Department for Economy Minerals Information Paper
MA009Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document for the Waste Management from Extractive Industries
MA010Guidelines on Financial Guarantees and Inspections for Mining Waste Facilities
MA011Amended wording to FLD06: Development in Proximity to Controlled Reservoirs                                                   
MA012Suggested rewording of paragraph 5.49 (Landscape - Context and Justification)                                                 
MA013 Extracts from Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (Third Edition) 2013                                      
MA014Suggested rewording of paragraph 5.16 of Draft Policy HE03 and paragraph 6.4 of Draft Policy FLD01