Curraghinalt Project (Dalradian).

This page will be a source of update for all applications associated with the Curraghinalt Project (Dalradian) as listed below. The links to the right-hand-side contain any relevant information associated with the individual applications.


Dalradian Gold Ltd LA10/2017/1249/F (PAC Ref: C005)

Dalradian Gold Ltd LA10/2019/1386/F - NIE Networks (PAC Ref: C006)

Dalradian Gold Ltd LA10/2019/1000/F - NIE Networks (PAC Ref: C007)

Dalradian Gold Ltd TrC 080/20_1 - DAERA (PAC Ref: WHR01)

Dalradian Gold Ltd TrC 081/20_1 - DAERA (PAC Ref: WHR02)

Dalradian Gold Ltd AIL 2020 0105 - NIEA (PAC Ref: WHR03)

Dalradian Gold Ltd AIL 2020 0106 - NIEA (PAC Ref: WHR04)

Dalradian Gold Ltd Road Abandonment Application (PAC Ref: DR001)

9th February 2024

A pre-inquiry meeting will be held in the Strule Arts Centre at 10:30am on Wednesday, 20th March 2024 to outline arrangements to open the eight conjoined inquiries and deal with procedural matters.  There will be no discussion of the merits of the proposals at the meeting.  The meeting will be live streamed to facilitate those who wish to observe proceedings. Further details in respect of the pre-inquiry meeting can be found below:

Letter to interested parties


Procedures for Curraghinalt Project Public Inquiries