Matters Arising

During the course of the public hearing sessions matters may arise during discussion where the Commissioner may ask a participant to provide further information and/or documentation.  These ‘Matters arising’ will be collated and published on a weekly basis to the Commission’s website.

Only those asked to do so should send the requested information and/or documentation to Any evidence, information or commentary over and above that specified for each matter arising will not be passed to the Commissioners and will not be published on the website.


Matters arising schedule


Week 1 - Mon 16th - Friday 20th November 2020 (PDF 558 KB)

Week 2 - 



Matters arising documents

MA001.A Consultation Draft Belfast Open Spaces Strategy (BOSS) (PDF 3.5 MB) 
MA001.B Strategic Policy & Resources (SP&R) Report (PDF 287 KB) 
MA001.C Proposed amendments /actions set out in the Appendix to the Strategic Policy & Resources Report. (PDF 242 KB)
MA001.D The decision and note of decision under the powers of the Chief Executive. (PDF 210 KB)
MA002.A Self-Assessment of Soundness - Appendix 11 (BCC reference SD004K). (PDF 1.2 MB)
MA002.B NIEA email response (regarding 5m policy). (PDF 151 KB)