AN Matters Arising

During the course of the public hearing sessions matters may arise during discussion where the Commissioner may ask a participant to provide further information and/or documentation.  These ‘Matters arising’ will be collated and published on a weekly basis to the Commission’s website.

Only those asked to do so should send the requested information and/or documentation to Any evidence, information or commentary over and above that specified for each matter arising will not be passed to the Commissioners and will not be published on the website.


Matters arising schedule

Week 1 - Tuesday 3rd May - Friday 6th May 2022 - MA001 - MA006

Week 2 - Monday 9th May - Thursday 12th May 2022 - MA007 - MA016

Week 3 - Monday 20th June - Friday 24th June 2022 - MA017 - MA028

Week 4 - Monday 27th June - Wednesday 29th June 2022 - MA029 - MA034


Matters arising documents

MA001ANBC suggested change to Policy SP 2.12 Heading
MA002Statement of Common Ground (SoCG) between Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council and Belfast City Council (1.7MB)
MA003Potential minor change to policy DM 6.2 
MA004.AANBC suggested change to paragraph 5.42
MA004.BANBC Corporate Recovery and Improvement Plan 2022-23 (11.9 MB)
MA005.AANBC suggested a modification to the text for Policy DM 7.1
MA005.BANBC suggested a modification to the text for Policy DM 7.2
MA005.CANBC suggested a modification to the text for Policy DM 7.5
MA006Potential minor change to policy DM 14.3(a)
MA007ANBC suggested change to policy SP 6.4
MA008ANBC suggested change to policy DM 53.2
MA009ANBC suggested change to policy DM 45.2 (e)
MA010Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Assessments - 3rd Edition (553 KB)
MA011ANBC suggested new policy DM 38.4 (233 KB)
MA012Supreme Court Judgement - Regina (Morge) v Hampshire County Council [2011] UKSC 2 (269 KB)
MA013ANBC suggested change to policy DM 38.2 (233 KB)
MA014ANBC suggested change to policy DM 40.6 (b)
MA015.APlanning approval at Antrim Castle Estate - Decision Notice - Council reference LA03/2016/1141/F (880 KB)
MA015.BPlanning approval at Antrim Castle Estate - Site location plan - Council reference LA03/2016/1141/F (228 KB)
MA016Supreme Court Judgement - Tesco Stores Ltd v Dundee City Council [2012] UKSC 13 (71 KB)
MA017.AANBC suggested change to policy DM 24.4(b)
MA017.BANBC suggested heading for policy DM 24.5
MA018ANBC suggested the insertion of a new paragraph (4.11) after paragraph 4.10 of the dPS.
MA019Local Government Boundaries Commissioner - Provisional Recommendations 2021-2022 Review
MA020Map of Greenisland with council boundaries. (1.7 MB)
MA021ANBC suggested the insertion of a new paragraph (7.24) after paragraph 7.23 of the dPS
MA022Belfast City Councils LDP document - Technical Supplement 2 Housing.
MA023Northern Ireland Housing Executive Strategic Housing Market Analysis: Belfast Metropolitan Area Report (December 2020).
MA024Department for Communities - Housing Supply Strategy 2022 - 2037 document (December 2021).
MA025.AANBC suggested the insertion of a new paragraph (7.34) after paragraph 7.33 of the dPS
MA025.BDepartment for Communities - Housing Association Guide webpage.
MA026ANBC suggested change to DM17.1(d)
MA027ANBC suggested change for new paragraph 17.5 of the dPS
MA028Department for Communities & Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations - Mainstreaming Mixed-Tenure in Northern Ireland
MA029ANBC suggested change to DM 18.3 (b)
MA030PAC decision - 2018/A0163 (150 KB)
MA031PAC decision - 2018/A0019 (227 KB)
MA032ANBC suggested change to DM 18.10
MA033PAC decision - 2011/A0277
MA034ANBC suggested change to DM 20.2