Appeal and Inquiry/Hearing Digest

Information on appeals and Inquiries/Hearings may be viewed by visiting:-

  • New appeals - this lists appeals received within the last three months and is updated on a daily basis.
  • Recent decisions - this lists decisions made within the last six months and is updated on a daily basis. Decision letters may be viewed under the PAC appeal reference.
  • Search appeals - this provides an advanced search for all appeals and is updated on a daily basis.
  • Hearings and Inquiries - Requests.pdf (PDF 164 KB) -  this lists current requests for inquiries and hearings.
  • Hearing/Inquiry - Reports (PDF 112 KB) - this lists those cases on which the Commission has reported to the Department within the last twelve months.
  • Water Appeals - this lists the appeals received and decisions issued for water appeals for the previous 12 months.