Local Development Plans

Development Plan Examinations -

Part 2 of the Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 requires councils to prepare local development plans for their Districts.  Section 10 of the Act requires the Council to submit its development plan to the Department for independent examination and the Department may appoint the Planning Appeals Commission to conduct the examination.  Anyone who makes representations seeking to change a development plan document is entitled, on request, to be given an opportunity to appear before and be heard by the Commission.

The Commission’s role in relation to development plans -

The purpose of the independent examination is to determine whether the Council has prepared the development plan documents in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and to decide whether the plan is sound.  The Commission reports to the Department with recommendations.  The Department must consider the Commission's report and recommendations before directing the Council to adopt, modify or withdraw the development plan document.

Procedures for Development Plan Examinations

The Commission’s procedures for independent examination of development plans can be viewed on the Publications page.

Commission Reports on Development Plan Examinations

Release of the Commission’s report on a development plan examination is a matter for the Department.