Water Appeals


The Water Appeals Commission (WAC) is a separate appellate body and exercises a wide range of functions under Water, Fisheries, Drainage and other similar legislation.  The WAC consists of the Chief Commissioner, Deputy Chief Commissioner and all other full-time Commissioners of the Planning Appeals Commission.

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How to appeal

Appeal forms are available and appeals must be made within specified time limits.


Although there is no legislative right of a hearing the Commission offers both the regulatory body and the appellant the opportunity of being heard. In practice most appeals are dealt with by means of written representations and often an accompanied site visit.

Most appeals are determined by the appointed Commissioner but the relevant legislation may require that the final decision is taken by the Commission as a whole following consideration of the appointed Commissioner's report.   In certain circumstances the decision of the WAC may be varied by the relevant Department or substituted by a new decision.  Before there is any variation or substitution the relevant Department must invite representations from the appellant and other interested parties.  In practice the majority of the Commission's decisions are accepted by the relevant Department.

For guidance on procedure relating to Water Appeals please see: Water Appeals Guidance Notes.

Further Information

If you require further information about Water Appeals please contact the Commission at:

Planning & Water Appeals Commission
4th Floor
92 Ann Street
Tel: 028 90244710
Email: info@pacni.gov.uk