Appeals Guide

Who may appeal?

Appeals may only be made by or on behalf of the person who made the planning application.  There is no "third party" right of appeal and this means that objectors or other parties who may have an interest in the proposal cannot make an appeal if they are unhappy about the decision.

The time limits within which appeals may be made are set out in legislation and the Commission has no power to extend the period for making an appeal.  Time periods for appeals are as follows:

Planning, Listed Building and Advertisement Appeals FOUR months from the date of notification of the Planning Authority decision.  The time limit for appealing in default of a planning decision will also be FOUR months from the date on which a decision should have been given, unless an extended date was agreed in writing between the applicant and the Council.

Enforcement Notice Appeals may be made at any time BEFORE the date on which the notice is to take effect (specified in the notice).

How to appeal

You can appeal online by following the links below.  Appeals can also be made by post or in person at the Commission’s offices.  If you do not wish to lodge your appeal online, you can print the relevant appeal form by selecting the appropriate paper form.

Appeals should be sent to:

Planning Appeals Commission
Park House
87-91 Great Victoria Street
Tel: (028) 9024 4710
Fax: (028) 9031 2536

Appeal Procedures

Appeals may be determined on the basis of a hearing, written representations with an accompanied site visit or by written representations with a Commissioner’s site visit.  However, if either the Department or the appellant requests a hearing, this procedure must be followed and will take the form of either a Formal or Informal Hearing.

To find out more about procedures on planning and enforcement notice appeals please refer to the Procedural Guides on our Publications page.

Advertising and Appeals

All planning, listed building, enforcement notice and listed building enforcement notice appeals are advertised.  Parties who respond to the advertisement are invited to participate in appeal proceedings and have the same opportunity as the Planning Authority and appellant to make their views known to the Commission.


Normal Appeals relating to any of the following matters must be accompanied by a fee of £126:

  • applications for planning permission, listed building consent or Conservation Area consent
  • lawful development certificates
  • enforcement notices, listed building enforcement notices and submission notices

Appeals against enforcement notices must be accompanied by a deemed planning application fee, unless certain exemptions apply. Further information is provided in the document that sets out procedures for enforcement notice appeals.


You can only submit an online appeal if you pay the appeal fee of £126 with a debit or credit card using Safepay.  Otherwise, you will have to submit your appeal by post or personal delivery.  Please be aware that there are strict deadlines for appealing, which the Commissions have no power to extend.

You can pay the appeal fee (and deemed planning application fee where applicable) by debit card or credit card through the secure online service, Safepay. Safepay is fully compliant with the payment card industry data security standards backed by the major card schemes and financial institutions.

Credit/charge cards accepted include:

  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • Style
  • VISA

Debit cards accepted include:

  • Maestro
  • Solo
  • VISA
  • Delta
  • VISA Electron

You should have your card details to hand before you begin to make your online appeal.

Supporting documents

You can attach supporting documents electronically to your online appeal.  Each document should not be larger than 10 megabytes.  You may be able to split larger documents but if that’s not possible, you will have to send them by post or email.   Individual emails must not exceed 50 megabytes.

Completing the appeal

You cannot save a partially completed form, so you should make sure to have all the relevant information to hand before you begin to make your appeal. If you experience any technical difficulties while completing an online form we are happy to offer assistance, please contact:

Telephone: 028 9024 4710

Paper copies of forms are available below:

Description Form
Appeal relating to an application for Planning Permission, Listed Building Consent or Conservation Area Consent
Appeal relating to an application for consent to display an Advertisement
Appeal against an Enforcement Notice
Appeal against a Listed Building Enforcement Notice
Appeal against a Submission Notice
PAC 5 Form (PDF 36 KB)

Appeal relating to an application for a Lawful Development Certificate

Appeal relating to an application for a Certificate of Alternative Development Value
Appeal relating to an application for consent under Roads Legislation
Appeal under Environmental Legislation
Appeal to the Water Appeals Commission