Land in the locality of Doraville Lodge, to the north of Broughderg, County Tyrone

22 October 2019

The public inquiry into the proposed wind farm and associated development has concluded.  The Commissioner will prepare her report and recommendation on the proposal in order to inform the Department of Infrastructure’s decision on the planning application.  When the report has been forwarded to the Department this web-site will be updated accordingly.

Further to the exchange between Professors Alvez-Pereira and Evans on behalf of Broughderg Area Development Association at the public inquiry on 12 September 2019 on the issues of low-frequency noise, infrasound and amplitude modulation, the applicant was given the opportunity to make associated rebuttal comments to the Commission by 11 October 2019.

The attached submission (including 4 appendices) was subsequently received.  It will be considered by the Commissioner in writing her report and making her recommendation on the planning application to the Department for Infrastructure.  

As set out at the inquiry, the Commission will not accept any comments on/response to this rebuttal evidence.