Proposed Waste Treatment Facility at Hightown Quarry for arc21

Proposed residual waste treatment facility incorporating a mechanical and biological treatment facility, an energy from waste thermal treatment facility, an incinerator bottom ash treatment facility, a refuse derived fuel bale storage building and an administration/visitor centre at Hightown Quarry, 40a Boghill Road, Ballyutoag, County Antrim; and related infrastructure including widening Boghill Road from its junction with Hydepark Road to the west of the existing access road into the quarry site; and other ancillary works for arc21 (T/2014/0114/F)

The Department issued a notice of opinion to refuse this planning application which is regarded as regionally significant.  The applicants asked for the application to be referred to the Commission for a hearing to discuss the notice.

The hearing was completed on 12th October 2016 and the Commissioner is preparing a report and recommendation to the Department for Infrastructure.  The final decision on the application will rest with the Department.