Update to go live date for new IT system

23 September 2022

Online appeal submission and search services are unavailable

From Tuesday 27th September 2022 availability for online applications will begin. The Commission has published a guide for those wishing to submit an appeal. This is available here Online guide to submitting a case to PACWAC.

Until Tuesday 27th September 2022 appeals can still be submitted via email to info@pacni.gov.uk or by hard copy via post.  Please note that appeals must be submitted within the statutory timeframe for the type of appeal as the Commission has no power to extend these timeframes. Appeal fees can be paid by cheque through the post or at reception at our offices, or by cash at reception.

The online appeal search function is also temporarily unavailable until Tuesday 27th September 2022. Enquiries about past decisions can be made by sending an email to info@pacni.gov.uk but please note that response times may vary depending on resource and level of demand.

Details of arranged hearing dates, and new appeals received in the absence of online services, will be published on our website.