02 June 2020



Since our office reopened on 11 May 2020 due to social distancing measures we have been operating with reduced administrative capacity.  These measures which have been implemented to ensure the safety of our workforce are to continue. Please do not telephone or email administrative case officers directly at this time; email correspondence should be sent to our address, which is monitored daily.

Our initial focus has been on dealing with new appeals and correspondence submitted during the office closure as well as other essential administrative matters.  We are now in a position to move to the next phase of our recovery plan and as of Monday 1 June we will be writing to parties to set out revised arrangements for the submission of evidence on cases that are before us. 

We continue with our efforts to provide an alternative to hearings in person pending an easing of government restrictions.  In the interim we will be requesting evidence from parties in cases where an informal hearing has been requested in order that we can move forward at the earliest opportunity once a solution is in place.

A guidance document has been developed setting out temporary response measures in relation to the work of the Commission.  It is available on our publications page.