Belfast City Council

Current Status Initial Assessment

6th February 2020

The Department for Infrastructure has appointed the Planning Appeals Commission to conduct an Independent Examination of the Belfast City Council Local Development Plan. Programme Officer, James Bickerstaff, has reviewed the draft Plan Strategy documents supplied directly by Belfast City Council and the Commission has assigned Commissioner Rosemary Daly and Commissioner Julie de-Courcey to perform the IE. 

The Commissioners will proceed to undertaking a series of checks to ensure that all essential regulatory steps have been taken by the Council and to identify any fundamental concerns about the soundness of the plan. Following these checks, the Commissioners may request further written evidence and an exploratory meeting may be held. If an exploratory meeting is not required we will proceed to arrange the hearing sessions. 

The Programme Officer will make contact with all parties who made representations in due course. All communications in relation to this examination should be directed to James Bickerstaff, on 028 9089 3919 or by sending an email to . 

Further information regarding the Commission’s procedures for Independent Examinations can be found in our procedures document here